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December 7-9, 2018
San Diego, CA
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BYEB Leadership Team Opportunity

The BYEB Leadership Team opportunity is an exclusive opportunity to serve BYEB attendees in their transformational experience. This team will be involved in the planning, design and execution of a world-class experiential event.

Some of the benefits of being on the BYEB Leadership Team:

  • Full behind-the-scenes access to see and join in the making of an experiential, transformational event.
  • Learn the core principles that go into the design and delivery of BYEB, which can serve you in your own endeavors in leading teams or events.
  • Work side by side with truly exceptional team members, co-creating and shaping the positive impact of BYEB on over 300 attendees!
  • Life changing opportunity to lead!

BYEB Leadership Team Requirements & Preferences

  • A strong spirit of servant leadership, and a willingness to show up with an exceptional service mentality.
  • Preferred leadership experience, and an interest in applying your BYEB Leadership Team experience to your own areas of impact, personally or professionally.
  • Preferred availability from Thursday, December 8th (3:00 PM) until Sunday, December 11th (evening).
  • Physically capable and comfortable starting early and working late into the night. We typically have Leadership Team debrief meetings once the event ends each day.
  • Flexible, adaptable, spontaneous, courageous, humble, quiet, energized… and playful!
  • Available for 3-5 ~30 minute conference calls during the month of November.

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