What To Expect at This Event:

Have you ever attended a live event and left with “information overload” feeling more overwhelmed than when you arrived? Then, you go home with pages of notes and the burden of figuring out how (and when) to review your notes, let alone implement everything you’ve learned.

The Best Year Ever [Blueprint] live experience is VERY different. Co-hosted by Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, and world-class experiential trainer, Jon Berghoff, all of the “work” is done at the event. (*Although as you’ll see from the video, below, it definitely doesn’t feel like “work!”)

The focus of BYEB isn’t so much on “learning” a bunch of new information as it is on t an environment where you get to “experience” the best version of yourself, real-time, while immediately taking action and creating an all-inclusive plan that gives you everything you need to set yourself up for your Best Year Ever.

So, instead of going home with pages and pages of notes to sift through, you’ll arrive at home equipped with your completed BYE-Blueprint in hand, which will continue to provide you with clarity, guidance, and accountability — all year long.

In other words, the BYEB won’t just teach you how to improve your life, you’ll actually improve your LIFE by first improving your SELF, while you’re still at the event, and have the support and guidance of Hal, Jon, and 300+ like-minded members of the Miracle Morning Community.