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Why & How BYEB Supports Front Row Foundation

In the last 5 years, the TMM / BYEB community has helped send dozens of people to the event of their dreams… through the generous fundraising that has surpassed $750K.  

How the Partnership Started

After our first BYEB, in 2014, we began asking a question…

How might we instill at BYEB, a deep connection between personal growth and being purpose centered?

The obvious answers quickly emerged.  

Since 2006, Hal and Jon had been supporting the Front Row Foundation (FRF), a wish organization founded by our friend Jon Vroman.  FRF focuses on creating front row experiences for individuals who are braving critical health challenges, by sending them and their families to the front row of the event or experience of their dreams.

But the charity, and the great work they do for people who could really use it… is not the only reason, not even the primary reason, why it seemed so obvious for BYEB to partner with FRF.

What we loved most about FRF was the life philosophy that it stood for.  Jon Vroman outlined this philosophy in his best selling book, The Front Row Factor.  The book – and the life philosophy of the “living life in the Front Row” – is founded upon the lessons we learned about living life, from the time we’ve spent helping people who were fighting for their lives.

The three primary lessons from the book are about the importance of celebrating the past, having hope for the future, and ultimately being a moment maker in the present – for ourselves and others.  

How We Support BYEB

So in 2015, and every year since, we’ve turned BYEB into an auction…  And the auction happens all throughout the event. Usually our guest speakers will auction off some way to learn more with them or from them.  

It’s one of the things that makes BYEB different from other Personal & Professional Development events.  At most events, something is being “sold”, and ⅓ of the time is spent listening to sales pitches. In our case, the auctions are always quick, usually a minute or two, a only a few times a day… and 100% of the proceeds go to the Front Row Foundation.  

At Registration…

Our registration team is going to invite you to register, using any credit card, so that if by chance you want to bid on anything… from something is big as a private dinner with a celebrity thought leader, to something as small or simple as picking up a book or two that have been donated by our speakers – it will be easy and seamless for you to claim an auction item.